Why choose bamboo plywood?

Solid bamboo panels and bamboo boards are an environmentally friendly and sustainable building material that is gaining tremendous popularity around the world. Moreover, bamboo plywood has a beautiful look and feel and can be processed with virtually the same woodworking tools, adhesives, lacquers and oils that are used for regular wood panels.
Bamboo panels are ideal for cabinet makers, architects and interior designers that are interested in making high quality table tops, doors, bathroom furniture, wall panels, stairs, window frames, countertops for the kitchen, etc. Strand woven bamboo boards are famous for their applications in flooring and decking. Bamboo plywood panels are very stable because of their unique structure of horizontally and vertically pressed bamboo strips.Thesestrips are usually pressed crosswise which makes them look very beautiful along the sides as well.
Bamboo plywood is stronger and harder wearing than most hardwoods. Bamboo's tensile strength is 28,000 per square inch versus 23,000 for steel, and the material is 25 per cent harder than Red Oak and 12 per cent harder than North American Maple. It also has 50per cent less expansion or contraction than Red Oak.